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Pastor map was not believed last night that a few years ago it was meritorios in the community and now collecting a Goya for best editing by ' cell 211′. The film shot in RED One, was mounted in Final Cut, turning the Apple ProRes 422 material to finished in a gloss in FotoFilm.

Map Pastor began at the hands of Alex de la Iglesia as meritorios in The communitylast night, years later, the Academy presided over by who gave then a chance the Goya for best editing, recognizing his work granted in Cell 211. Assembly was carried out in the own Film brunette on a Final Cut, altering every day in work plan because, according to the editor, "the pace of the film, sometimes marked on-the-fly by budget time... and so hectic and crazy sometimes action was riding without sound to not go crazy with the voices..."

Initially, and while Daniel Monzón concluded the shooting, map Pastor rode single subsequently accompanied the director himself that joins a long friendship: "I was working in advertising and post-production on tv, and we met riding a short his... the year I entered in" The community as meritorios and it was about to shoot. It was a total connection."

Cell 211 was shot on RED One, working with the material in Apple ProRES 422 which, according to the editor told Audiovisual Panorama, "works with the end perfectly without any problem. Working with material network has not meant a problem although it was slightly more laborious, for a time, to the Assistant". The post Yes has been slightly more laborious, taking place in gloss in FotoFilm".

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By • 15 Feb, 2010
• Section: Cinema, Film / technical, Events