Quantel becomes one of the first companies in the sector, which will adopt the operating system Windows 7 64 bit for all its products in the upcoming release of version 5 of its software.

Quantel has launched a nod to Microsoft announcing the compatibility from version 5 of its solutions eQ, iQ and Pablo with Windows 7-64 bit. Thanks to the larger scale of memory of its architecture, Quantel expects that their solutions are even more interactivass and accessible at the same time that improves safety because the approach
that Microsoft has made in the development of Windows 7. This decision will also give larger network coverage thanks to the new stack of network that has Windows 7, greater support for larger volumes on SANs, really useful in brokering digital processes, and will expand the user base for free Quantel Compass Training software.

Version 5 of the eQ, iQ and Pablo

Quantel goes to Las Vegas with version 5 of its family of high-end post-production products: eQ, iQ and Pablo. Version 5 is, according to the British company, the result of having heard the comments of many users of Quantel worldwide, together with an original development by Quantel resulting in major benefits in correcting color, RED and stereoscopic workflows. The new development provides the same great workflow from Quantel Enterprise sQ of which depend on many professional broadcast around the world, but now, for the first time with 3D content.

These days can be seen at the stand of Quantel direct intake of a stereoscopic camcorder Panasonic AG-3DA1 to a Quantel Server sQ, selection of stereoscopic image and instant transfer to the new 3D editing workstation. The manufacturer also exhibits a direct playout to formats multiplexed 3D standard, including whether it is necessary to izquierdo-derecha distribution formats, above-below or line-interleaved.

Advantages of version 5

Highlights in version 5 of the systems from Quantel color correction multilayer (correction of color inside the multilayer timeline), in real time and allowing the visualization of the degrees of color in real time during the same session. A new timeline for the stereo, among other new tools has also been included.

Version 5 works with the Windows 7 operating system, which provides many advantages to Quantel, such as speed, security and networking platform.

New technology Soft Mount Version 5 provides, in addition to customers, the possibility of first importing Middle network r3d to Quantel workspace or put to work during the coming network material through the new V5 Soft Mount technology. Only the finished work is located in the Quantel workspace.

The 3D with more quality, productivity and creativity

Estereograficos workflows from Quantel are built on labour pioneer that Quantel has made with the introduction of the first stereo 3D workflow interactive convergence control in real time and are a reflection of the great experience of which have enjoyed Quantel clients a technology that the British company was a pioneer.

In the very heart of the new workflow, we find the new stereoscopic timeline, which guarantees that it will be easier than ever to work with 3D content. You can work with the same eye individually or simultaneously, adding plenty of flexibility to many typical requirements 3D postproduction. For example, the subtitles as it has been the case of Avatar performed by Modern VideoFilm, in Pablo is an operation without complications because the subtitle can be simultaneously applied to both eyes, to then be quickly positioned in the space of the z axis.

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By • 13 Apr, 2010
• Section: Storage, Postpro