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Transcoding files average Carbon-based, managed by the WFS workfkow, also of Harmonic, and the high density ProStream 4000 real-time transcoders will allow ZON subscribers to access new services OTT.

Harmonic It announced on Wednesday that Portuguese Cale and satellite operator ZON has opted to face Harmonic transcoding solutions to the development of their multi-screen services.

Transcoding files average Carbon-based, managed by the WFS workfkow, also of Harmonic, and the high density ProStream 4000 real-time transcoders will allow that ZON subscribers have access to these new OTT services with an excellent quality, with live streaming of television and video-on-demand (VoD) on their televisions, PCs, tablet or any other IP device.

Nuno Sanches, director of product development at ZON, acknowledged that what this operator was looking for was to extend their television experience "through a portal of average over-the-top, and transcoding of Harmonic systems have provided us efficiently to achieve it, without compromising on quality. Our users can now access a live and contents on demand in a wide range of devices, programming using our renowned user interface and the same image quality on the Internet than on our traditional wire services".

ZON VoD service is launched with the transcoders average coal of Harmonic, taking into account a wide variety of critical operations including SD/HD conversion, PAL/NTSC conversion, insertion of logo, color space, color correction, conversion extraction of closep-captions... The farm of transcodificadores multinode average coal operator satellite and cable, which can easily be expanded according to needs, has been integrated with Microsoft PlayReady digital rights management system.

Controls based on WFS files next to the farm of transcoders average Carbon provide automated processing of high-volume processes of transcode, support for computing errors, distributed management of workload with their respective priorities, balanced cargam transfer FTP, condition monitoring, notifications... With an extensive API, WFS manages all the processes of transformation of media assets by integrating additional elements of thirds and Harmonic processing nodes, to provide maximum flexibility, scalability, and interoperability required by ZON to continue growing in subscribers and number of services.

High density ProStream 4000 transcoding solution supports television services of ZON simultaneously providing up to 48 inputs video and transcoding up to 18 profiles multiscreen and 12 SD or HD profiles each 1 RU 4 live.

Its multi-encapsulation scheme allows ZON reach any device using a unique encoding and packaging for a wide variety of formats, such as Apple and Microsoft Smooth Streaming HTTP Live Streaming.

Pedro Sanmiguel, area sales manager at Harmonic, pointed out that "distributing services of live HD streaming to multiple devices, ZON is offering an amazing viewing experience to your users. The latest installment of our transcoding systems is helping ZON to cutting-edge services to their customers".

Las cabeceras de cable y satélite en DVB de ZON se han configurado así para trabajar sin costuras con el equipamiento de transcodificación ProStream, ProMedia y WFS. La solución permite al operador utilizar las salidas primarias de Electra 8200 SD/HD MPEG-2 y la codificación MPEG-4 AVC para HD MPEG-2 a bit rate variable para la operativa en satélite, así como una salida secundaria para SD MPEG-4 AVC a bit rate rate constante para los servicios de network personal video recorder (NPVR).

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By • 10 May, 2012
• Section: Hybrid IPTV/Tv, Mobile TV