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On the 3D display the world's largest multi-purpose Center O2 World in Berlin, Sony deployed six systems SRX-R320 4K simultaneously projected stereoscopic images of the left and right eye with a clarity that exceeded any standard and provided the best Sony 3D experience.

Last night, the premiere of the film took place Men in Black 3 in Germany. For this occasion, the organizers of the event, Sony Pictures and the Center Multipurpose O2 World in Berlin, used Advanced Digital Cinema 4K projection systems of Sony.

Attendees to the event could enjoy cinema at its finest, since the resolution of image they saw on the screen was four times superior to that offered by the traditional 2K digital projection systems.

The premiere was attended 6.819 spectators, what makes it the most crowded cinema 3D projection of history and gives Sony Pictures Releasing one of the famous Guinness records.

Sony Pictures chose Sony Professional as a leading manufacturer of digital cinema with 4K resolution projectors to provide a solution capable of providing viewers a unique visual experience. Team was composed of six Sony SRX-R320 4K systems projected stereoscopic images of the left and right eye simultaneously on a giant screen of 25.9 x 14 meters, with a clarity that, such and wanted the director of the film, it exceeded any standard and provided the best Sony 3D experience.

The premiere was attended by the director of the film and several members of the cast, including the popular Will Smith, Nicole Scherzinger and Josh Brolin.

David McIntosh, Executive Vice President of Sony Digital Cinema, has been happy to "have recently released Men in Black 3 with our Digital Cinema 4K projection technology, which provided an evening full of good cinema and innovation. The exclusive Sony projection system offered viewers a captivating visual experience in a fantastic and comfortable 3D offering spectacular detail even at a screen of 25.9 meters".

"Martin Bachmann, managing director of Sony Pictures Alemania, added that"Men in Black 3 It is a hugely popular film and its premiere was one of the most anticipated, so we wanted to present him with the best available projection technology. The Sony system provides viewers a level of clarity and incredible, absolutely essential detail in an action movie".

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