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In a party atmosphere, nearly four hundred professionals gathered last night at the gala on the awards scene I, a few awards that recognize excellence, technological development and innovation of businesses, professionals and productions in television, film, radio and advertising.

I Premios Panorama

Nearly four hundred professionals gathered last night at the gala on the awards scene I. Established by the leading publication in the sector, Audiovisual Panorama, these awards are intended to recognize excellence, technological development and innovation of businesses, professionals and productions in television, film, radio and advertising.

Without a doubt, these awards will serve to boost the sector promoting that organizations serve better technology to be competitive, as well as recognize those projects and most innovative productions.

Belén Almonacid en los Premios Panorama 2014Coinciding with the opening of the international exhibition of Audiovisual technology, BIT Broadcast 2014, this ceremony that took place in the Auditorium South of Feria de Madrid served to launch a message of optimism. Despite the difficulties that has gone through the sector, all the professionals agreed that the opening of new technological horizons in different areas of the audiovisual and the internationalisation of the companies mark, certainly, the path of the future.

María Valcarce, Director of BIT Broadcast, highlighted at opening night the key role played by the audiovisual industry and how points of encounters like this serve to put in common projects and ideas capable of developing new businesses.

For his part, Antonio Castillo, director of Audiovisual Panorama, acknowledged that "we know that things are not easy... but we also know that new technologies are opening up new ways of creating, producing and distributing content, create, produce and distribute illusion to millions of viewers, finally and after." The crisis has also served for companies to open new markets sub-sectoral and geographical more beyond our borders. Internationalisation is a key factor in this change which is experiencing the industry. Precisely in this sense, we want to offer once again the support of editions of landscape in America and Brazil, as well as the thrust of these awards will help you open doors."

Premios Panorama 2014Thirteen nominations

During the gala, which featured journalist Almonacid Bethlehem as a brilliant master of ceremonies and the fantastic David Dominique Jazz Band livening up the night, were shelling each of the thirteen awards that reward both equipment and technological solutions, facilities and projects as well as television and radio technical executionfilm productions and commercials.

The votes of readers through the web and a jury made up of eleven recognized industry experts by secret ballot, with the notary of the Illtre. School Attorney Madrid, Javier Lucas and chains, have put name the winners last night received the recognition of the sector.
In this Edition, have participated as members of the jury: Nacho Benítez, director of photography; Chema House, director of ITSS & Media at Ericsson Iberia; Andrés Díaz, director of engineering of Mediaset Spain; José María García-Lastra, director of business development of crystallizes; Eladio Gutiérrez, managing partner of the consulting firm EGM; Francisco Menchén, Chairman of the Eurocom group; Tomas Nielsen, CEO of data Media; Javier Polo, director of engineering and operations of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU); María Valcarce, Director of BIT Broadcast 2014; Ana Sanz, Director of Digital AV and Antonio Castillo, director of Audiovisual Panorama.

Premios Panorama 2014

Francisco Javier Aycart, director de Operaciones de  EFE  y Jorge de la Torre, Socio-Director de Delatorre recogen el Premio Panorama a la instalación del año de manos de María Valcarce, directora de BIT BroadcastThe award-winning

Riedel, by the role technological key your intercom, networks and transmission systems in the stratospheric jump Red Bull Stratos, was worthy of prize to the best company of the year.

In terms of facilities, the jury opted for the new headquarters of the EFE agency, a project and project management of Delatorre addresses technology and operations of EFE, involving TSA, Sony, Unitecnic, Crosspoint, AEQ, Albala engineers, Pentatel, Promovisa, Pinanson, Tecnoantena, BroadService and Tragsa.

In terms of solutions, the new AJ-PX270 (Panasonic) camcorder, the Exchange platform in the cloud mean friend (developed by the Malaga Tedial company and exported already at half the world), the matrix ConeXia (the result of working together Kroma and AEQ, today merged), the advanced technology C-Cast (EVS), the suite of high-end for color correction Pablo Rio (Quanrwl), the system for advanced graphics Aston 3D (Brainstorm) and the proposal for postproduction of audio driven together Yamaha Nuage to Steinberg... they were the winners of the night.

Goyo Quintana, director de Boomerang, recibe el Premio a la mejor ejecución técnica en producción televisiva de manos de Ana SanzIn terms of technical implementation in production, the jury awarded the work of preparation of Solomon Redon in the magazine's National Radio not is any day, space which ended to be imposed to Millennium 3 (Cadena SER) and Herrera in the wave (wave zero).

The series time between seams (Antena 3), directed by Ignacio Mercero, Iñaki Peñafiel and Norberto L. Amado and produced by Boomerang Tv, the prize picture was the best technical execution on television. Goyo Quintana, director of Boomerang Tv, pointed out to collect the prize the great time living Spanish fiction thanks to the quality of the production and export of the series to international markets.

In terms of cinema, the winner was the witches of Zugarramurdi, directed by Álex de la Iglesia and produced by Enrique Cerezo, La Ferme Production and Arte France Cinéma. Director of production Carlos Bernases was commissioned to collect the award.

In advertising production, Future Solution LX (Shiseido), conducted by José Mellado, produced and postproducido by Mvm for China was the spot which attained the prize picture.

Rogelio de la Fuente, presidente del Comité de BIT Broadcast, entrega el Premio Panorama a Toda una Vida a Manolo Romero

Manolo Romero, a lifetime award

Standing, and with a long ovation, professionals received last night one of the great masters of the audiovisual industry, Manolo Romero, to receive the prize picture to a lifetime.

Manolo Romero cinnamon, admired and loved by the entire industry, is undoubtedly the Spanish with more international projection in the broadcast industry.

Seville natural. Romero, is a telecommunications engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. After entering by opposition began his professional career in the technical direction of TVE in 1965. Since then he has worked in the most important international sporting events. Romero was the most responsible for the technical operation of the US world.UU. of the 94 of the Olympic Games.OO. in Atlanta (1996), (Sydney 2000), Athens (2004), Beijing (2008) and London (2012), as well as at other Olympics winter and countless Championships of the world of athletics and other sports.

He is currently Director for television of the IOC, of several international federations of different sports, Vice President of OBS and Chairman of ISB (International Sport Broadcasting).

With this award, the awards scene, set up by Audiovisual Panorama, will recognize from now on work performed by a professional throughout his career in this sector.

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