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PanoramaAudiovisual.com is a means that is 100% flexible, immediate and on-line, created for and by professionals with a cross-section audiovisual concept (integrator and inter-relational of the different sub-sectors that make up the same).

Imagen 4What do we contribute?

  • The best Spanish speaking on-line community specialized in broadcast, film and new media
  • Great, wide-ranging experience in the broadcast and audiovisual sector, with
    the backing of a team of renowned professionals and firms
  • Immediacy, with constant updates throughout the day
  • Interactivity facilitating feedback between journalists and readers
  • A meta-means that integrates text, audio, graphics and animations on the same
  • Hypertextuality, with a non-linear semantic structure that links from one piece
    of information to another through related articles
  • Multi-language with instant translation to fifteen languages
  • Absolutely Free weekly and daily newsletter! (including the possibility of RSS syndication per specific sections or with all the information found on the portal)

TargetAn EFFECTIVE comprehensive communication support means that will help:

  • Save money in sales force
  • Expansion to new geographic markets or sub-sectors
  • Incorporate new potential clients in tangential sub-sectors
  • Focus on your specific target
  • Obtain maximum profit from viral marketing (with tools such as comments, tribunes,
    forums, networks of links…)
  • Achieve high quality advertising impact because the visitor enters voluntarily after carrying out an active search in a professional scope

CuboThe advantages

  • Communication with the necessary frequency
  • Deeper understanding of a product by obtaining more information or by requesting
    a demo
  • Increased flexibility in management at a lower cost
  • Metering of the investment result

With absolute TRANSPARENCY

  • Dedicated Adserver Imagen 10based on the recognized OpenX standard (the most important open source advertising server on the market with 300 billion monthly ad impressions from 150,000 websites
  • Real statistical control of each campaigns results
  • Supervision via web of impressions and clicks in real time
  • Sending of daily, weekly, monthly information… with CPM, Clicks, CTR…
  • Change in creativity as many times as desired

Effective support at three levels of communication

1.- Dynamic, independent and truthful information capable of creating confidence
in our readers


2.- Direct and effective advertising

  • Banners (horizontals and skyscrapers). The most highly used web-based advertising
  • Automatic hyperlinks to client sites or micro-sites (included free in all subscriptions)
  • Pop-up. Emerging messages with the user enjoying the option of closing them.
    Exceptional use
  • Transitional ads-Interstial: complete screen that appears prior to access to
    the portal or to certain pages. Ideal format so that it will be easy to remember
    the brand. Very exceptional use
  • Sponsorship of sections: videoteque, tribunes, analysis, interviews, books, papers
    and documents…
  • Micro-site: the perfect combination to link your brand to Panorama Audiovisual

3.- Combination of contextual advertising: perfect support systems for communication,
providing useful information for the professional

  • Showroom: a space created to display novelties, product characteristics, in-depth
    company presentations… (accepts video, Flash, PowerPoint and image formats).
    Access from home and at full screen format
  • Videoteque (on the cover) with interviews, tutorials, launchings, spots, road-show
    summaries, making-of, case studies… Panorama Audiovisual also has its own channel
    in YouTube
  • Perfect link for viral marketing thanks to our channels in YouTube, Facebook,
    Twitter, LinkedIn (all the articles are published on these networks, with our readers
    being able to link and move each piece of news through networks such as Digg,
    Shpinn, Delicious (formerly del.icio.us), Mixx, Google Bookmarks, LinkedIn, Meneame,
    Technorati, Wikio, Linkter, Twitter
  • Outstanding, highlighted information on the cover

Imagen 9

Rates (Flat rate or CPM)

Panorama Audiovisual

Other times, new means and better ways of effectively communicating

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