Mo-Sys Cinematic XR Plató

VP Pro XR, Mo-Sys‘ multi-node media server for extended reality-based virtual film and television productions, is now available.

Mo-Sys’ latest hardware and software solution brings together the multi-node nDisplay architecture, a VP Pro real-time compositor/synchronizer and a new XR toolset.

The launch of VP Pro XR follows the recent announcement of Mo-Sys Cinematic XR Focus, a solution that allows focus to be varied between real and virtual elements on an LED display for virtual productions. The technology, of course, is integrated into VP Pro XR.

Mo-Sys VP Pro XRKeys to Cinematic XR

VP Pro XR is part of Mo-Sys‘ “Cinematic XR” initiative. The goal of this product range is to advance XR production “in terms of image quality and shooting creativity.”

Cinematic XR aims to improve virtual productions and increase their creative possibilities. Through its future developments, Mo-Sys expects to improve image fidelity, introduce cinematic shooting techniques, enable interaction between virtual and real set elements, and enable new hybrid workflows that combine final pixel and non-real-time compositing.

Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys, explains how their latest initiative is particularly aimed at cinematographers: “With our twenty-year background in film robotics, we regularly get to hear what cinematographers and producers think and need. Whilst producers love the final pixel XR concept, cinematographers worry about image quality, colour pipeline, mixed lighting, and shooting freedom. We started Cinematic XR in response to this, and VP Pro XR is specifically designed to solve the urgent problems we have been made aware of by our cinematographer and focus puller colleagues.”

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Para • 4 Jun, 2021
• Seção: 360 / VR, Catchment, Gerenciamento de mídia