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First Mile Technologies, KALA e Dejero have joined forces to integrate a vehicle with all the technology needed for film, television and commercial production.

Film production and dynamic camera movement company Kala has created an innovative production vehicle capable of performing multiple functions during the shooting of dynamic content on film, television and commercial sets. The workflow is helping to save time and reduce costs by offering the same capabilities that would normally require coordination between three or more moving vehicles and a base camp.

For this project, Kala joined forces with integrated connectivity expert First Mile Technologies, who chose to integrate Dejero solutions into their state-of-the-art production vehicle, which has been used for the production of multiple car commercials, including Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus e Mercedes. Many of these were shot in locations with network connectivity problems, such as mountain slopes, frozen lakes and remote villages. The Kala vehicle uses Dejero EnGo mobile transmitters that combine multiple cellular and/or satellite networks to achieve reliable connectivity for real-time remote collaboration. Live images are transmitted to geographically distributed creative teams from remotely controlled wireless cameras placed on cranes and booms on moving vehicles and other filming locations.

Dejero - Kala - Vehículo - VehicleDejero WayPoint and GateWay

Images from the cameras are streamed in real time to a Dejero WayPoint receiver, to a cloud server or via the First Mile Web RTC platform. The live video stream can be viewed in a simple browser or via secure video projection applications by creative teams in various locations around the world, or from a central base camp. Directors, editors and agency staff can collaborate and provide instant feedback and direction to the remote production team on set. Transmissions are also displayed simultaneously on five in-vehicle monitors for the production team on location.

Além disso, First Mile has integrated a Dejero GateWay network aggregation device to provide resilient mobile broadband Internet access from any location. The GateWay enables fast video and data transfers with sub-second latency. Like EnGo, GateWay uses Dejero’s Smart Blending technology, which aggregates all available IP networks and dynamically manages bandwidth fluctuations, packet loss and latency differences of individual connections in real time.

Dejero - Kala - Vehículo - VehicleA demanding workflow

The production of car commercials or stunt scenes in locations where network connectivity is limited often involves a camera vehicle carrying a camera crane, the image vehicle and a chase vehicle. The chase vehicle, in which the directors, producers or agency travel, usually has to follow the camera vehicle close enough to receive a line of sight/short-range video transmission to allow creative decisions to be made.

Vinit Borrison, director of photography and founder of KALA, believes this paradigm has changed, as his new vehicle addresses all the challenges of such productions: “With our new production vehicle, we’ve been able to combine camera system, connectivity and creative decision-making functionalities into one; streamlining the entire production and post-production process and facilitating remote collaboration in real-time. Being able to live transmit to any distance, to and from any location is game-changing.”

“Even with the director of photography on set, there is potential that a shot could be missed on the day – but if we have another set of eyes on the camera feeds from a remote editor or client, it helps us to fix any mistakes on-the-fly as opposed to finding out after the fact. Being able to go live with Dejero’s connectivity solutions makes the process a trillion times better,” concludes Borrison.

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Por • 5 Mai, 2022
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