Marshall CV568 - CV368

The CV568 and CV368 global shutter cameras, aimed at sports broadcasting, racing, remote production and eSports, are Marshall Electronics’ latest big bet.

Both models, available in late June, offer a 3.2 MP sensor с участием 1/1.8″ global shutter and 25 percent larger pixel size than their predecessors. All these elements promote “ultra-fast, low-latency capture,” even in low-light environments.

В CV568 miniature HD camera is integrated into the same miniature-sized body as the Marshall CV503/CV506 cameras. It features rear panel protection, interchangeable M12 lenses, secure locking connections а также remote adjustment/matching functions. On the other hand, the Marshall Electronics CV368 compact HD camera follows the same body design as the CV344/CV346 cameras. It features a slightly larger CS mount lens type and several variable and fixed lens options.

The importance of genlock

A key element of Marshall Electronics CV568 а также CV368 is its three-level genlock. This feature allows multiple cameras to be connected in already genlocked high-definition workflows, enabling seamless transitions between cameras “with minimal delay.” Three-level sync, Marshall notes, operates at a higher frequency, “which makes signal synchronization more accurate and fluid.”

Tod Musgrave, director of cameras at Marshal Electronics, appreciates the versatility of the manufacturer’s full range of cameras in his remarks: “Marshall is committed to offering broadcast quality camera solutions in various form factors with features that matter to our professional users while maintaining affordable price points. These two new camera models are an excellent addition to the line, as we continue to expand our product portfolio.”

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