Harmonic VOS360

Гармонический‘s VOS360 cloud streaming platform has been chosen by Movistar+ (Телефоника) to optimize the scaling of its channels and serve as a backup.

VOS360 replicates all of Телефоника Spain’s infrastructure for its Movistar+ platform in the cloud. This, Harmonic notes, allows it to optimize service resources, providing instant scaling of live channels 24/7 while keeping “costs low” thanks to a usage-based pricing model.

Harmonic’s cloud-based recovery service is bolstered by an advanced DevOps team, which ensures that services are always available to Мовистар subscribers. VOS360 also provides “fast” scaling, allowing Telefónica España to secure its channels for the duration of a premium event.


Based on a pay-as-you-go (SaaS) business model, Harmonic’s service is activated on demand, providing the operator with the flexibility to pay for services as needed, whether for a day, a week or a month. Eugenio Lojo, head of transmission and conditional access at Telefónica, is pleased to have chosen Harmonic’s service: “Rather than recreating our physical infrastructure at a backup location, we successfully replicated the configuration on the cloud using Harmonic’s VOS360 platform. This redundant service is not only cost-saving, it’s also flexible and ensures our ability to test new channels and deliver short-term events as our video streaming service evolves.”

On the other hand, Shahar Bar, senior vice president of video products and corporate development at Harmonic, notes, “Traditionally, disaster recovery systems have been inflexible and costly to replicate. But Harmonic is transforming that notion. Our VOS360 platform’s cloud-based recovery service can be activated in minutes, which is a testament to the speed and elasticity that our recovery-in-the-cloud service provides.”

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По • 24 Jun, 2021
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