Dune - Villeneuve - Dolby Atmos y Vision

A significant portion of the Oscars 2022 nominees and winners relied on the Заядлый creative tools to tell their stories.

Заядлый notes that absolutely all of the nominees in the Film Editing category, including winner Joe Walker for Dune, edited their films using Заядлый медиа-композитор. Among the nominees are ACE editors Myron Kerstein and Andrew Weisblum, who shaped Tick, tick… BOOM!, an autobiographical musical by playwright Jonathan Larson. Kerstein and Weisblum themselves consider the film to be a “complex non-linear story inspired by Fosse, Sondheim, Lin and Larson” whose editing would not have been possible “without the tools provided by Avid, our go-to editing system for over 20 years”.

In the Sound category, both Richard Flynn, Robert Mackenzie and Tara Webb for The Power of the Dog, and Denise Yarde, Simon Chase, James Mather and Niv Adiri for Belfast, used digital audio software Pro Tools by Avid. Mackenzie, supervising sound editor, pre-mixed the audio on an Avid S4 and used an Avid S6 to import keys and layouts: “I’m so proud of everybody’s work on The Power of the Dog. We used Avid software and hardware at every stage of the process and the soundtrack really benefitted from this workflow. We’re all so humbled by our Academy Award nomination this year.”

Джефф Росика, CEO and president of Заядлый, says he is “honored” that the film industry “continues to embrace Avid’s creative tools and solutions to bring Academy Award-nominated and winning films to life.” “While eight of the award categories weren’t honored during the live telecast this year, we want to celebrate and make sure fans and audiences know that categories like Best Sound and Film Editing are essential to powerful storytelling on film. Without these stellar editorial achievements, it’s impossible to imagine exceptional filmmaking,” he stressed.

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По • 31 Mar, 2022
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