Sony - FR7 - PTZ

МБК 2022 will be the first event worldwide to unveil the Сони ILME-FR7, a PTZ camera in the Cinema Line series with full frame, interchangeable lenses and E-mount.

Sony - FR7 - PTZThe FR7 features “for the first time” in a pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) camera a back-illuminated 35mm Exmor R full-frame CMOS image sensor with approximately 10.3 effective megapixels and more than 15 steps of wide latitude. In addition to wide dynamic range, low noise and cinematic Full Frame bokeh, this sensor also offers a high sensitivity that allows ISO to be extended up to 409,600 when shooting in low light. In parallel, the FR7 is Sony E-mount compatible with a wide range of lenses, including the G Master series. Users can choose focal lengths ranging from 12mm to 1200mm for total creative control over production.

Norbert Paquet, head of live production at Sony Europe, believes that this solution will serve to further bring the “cinematic look” to both the транслировать и live production worlds. As such, Sony has included a number of features in the Cinema Line range that aim to deliver a cinematic look. These include the inclusion of preset scene files; Cinema EI mode to set the base sensitivity to ISO 80 or ISO 12,800, or the ability to record in slow motion at up to 4K 120p.

Sony - FR7 - PTZ

Remote capabilities

The Sony FR7 features a unique new web application that allows you to control pan, tilt, zoom, focus, record, playback and all camera settings from a tablet or computer web browser. This system also enables multiple people to watch FR7 footage remotely at the same time as well as multi-camera control capabilities.

With its built-in tilt and swivel mechanism and remote control capabilities, the FR7 can be mounted on a tripod, on a ceiling with the dedicated CIB-PCM1 or in other locations with limited access to discreetly track and record objects from unique vantage points. It is also compatible with the Sony’s RM-IP500 remote control for multi-camera production, which can remotely control up to 100 PTZ cameras and allows pan, tilt and zoom to be managed with a joystick.

Sony - FR7 - PTZFeatures designed for the broadcast industry

The latest development by Sony boasts a wide selection of features carefully designed to meet the demands of broadcast productions who, at the same time, are looking for a more cinematic and polished look.

Thus, the FR7 includes functions such as a pan and tilt speed that can be changed at any time from 0.02 to 60 degrees per second, for a variety of smooth and stable camera movements; up to 100 camera preset positions, controllable via the built-in web application and optional RM-IP500 remote control; hybrid focus functions with real-time tracking capabilities using the Bionz XR engine, or the incorporation of the Sony electronically controlled variable neutral density filter.

Other key features that make the FR7 unique are its interfaces for different production workflows, whether simple automatic installations or more complex high-end productions; internal XAVC recording/external RAW output, so the system can record content to CFexpress type A and SDXC memory cards; HDMI type A and 12G-SDI connectors for video output, plus an optical output for long transmissions; AUDIO IN connector (5-pin XLR type), ready to receive the signal from an external microphone or audio device; ethernet connectivity, both for camera control and audio and video transfer (with protocols such as RTSP, SRT or NDI HX), and power; and synchronisation of multi-camera productions, as the timecode input connector receives timecode for synchronisation with an external device, while Genlock receives synchronisation signals in multi-camera setups.

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