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The REMI IP production undertaken by Качество to bring the ODESUR Games to the world counted on ES Broadcast as a strategic partner.

ES Broadcast has provided a wide range of cameras, lenses and tripods from its rental fleet to support the live coverage of the ODESUR Games in Asunción, Paraguay. Specifically, the company supplied 30 Сони HDC-4300 cameras along with a range of associated lenses, including Canon CJ20, CJ25, CJ45 UHD, HJ22, HJ40 and HJ45 HD lenses, as well as Fujinon UA22 and UA107 UHD lenses. Vinten Vision 250 and Vector 750 tripod systems were also provided, as well as a large quantity of SMPTE fibre. The equipment was used in sports such as athletics, handball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, clay pigeon shooting, boxing and hockey, among others.

ES Broadcast - ODESUR - QualityThe cameras were key to Quality’s success in the coverage of the Games, which for the first time was produced remotely over IP. Pablo Reyes, head of production and partner at Качество, elaborates: “Thanks in part to the equipment supplied by ES Broadcast, Quality was able to deliver the first REMI IP production in the history of IOC-recognised Games, completing more than 1,000 hours of live production in IP, with a high-quality standard.”

The hire was managed by ES Broadcast Hire’s Madrid office, with branch manager Marta del Moral commenting: “This project for the ODESUR Games reflects the trust clients place in us not only for projects in Spain and Europe but in the wider Spanish-speaking world. Especially for clients operating in Latin America, we are also able to arrange additional support with a very quick turnaround from our US office in Orlando.”

The ODESUR Games, which were held from 1 to 15 October, took place in 36 venues in and around the Paraguayan capital. In addition, some events were also held in Encarnación, located on the banks of the Paraná River in the south of the country.

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