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Shaanxi - Riedel - Unidad móvil 4K - Interior

Shaanxi Broadcasting Corporation has equipped its latest 4K mobile unit, unveiled at CCBN 2021, with several ريدل IP solutions.

هيئة الإذاعة شنشى السيارة مجهزة ب Riedel Artist 64 intercom matrix and the RSP-1232HL و RSP-2318 SmartPanels. They communicate with other devices via Layer 3 routing, which enables both resiliency and flexibility in signal routing. Furthermore, the واجهة برمجة تطبيقات NMOS تشغيل في فنان facilitates centralized control, while support for IS-04 و IS-05 streamlines multicast routing to optimize system commissioning and changes.

To maintain synchronization, فنان ريدل أنظمة قفل على النظام PTP synchronization server. This feature also makes it easy to connect the OB Van intercom system to other systems in IP mode.

Shaanxi - Riedel - Unidad móvil 4K

الالتزام بالملكية الفكرية

Shaanxi - Riedel - Unidad móvil 4K - Detalleستطلق شنشى الوحدة المتنقلة لبث 14th National Games of the People’s Republic of China, which begin on September 15 in Xi’an.

Riedel’s Artist and SmartPanel solutions, which enable flexible audio routing and clear communications throughout the production team, will enable the creation of video content for new media platforms in parallel with traditional broadcast transmission.

جاو جيان, general manager of Riedel China, underlines China’s remarkable technical progress and highlights Riedel’s role in this achievement: “China is already at the forefront in implementing IP infrastructure for radio and television. Together, media convergence and the emergence of 5G have enabled China’s radio and television broadcasters to take another leap ahead in this field. Riedel has been an intercom and transmission solutions provider for more than 35 years, and we’re proud to be supporting China’s advances in deploying IP-based systems.”

Shaanxi - Riedel - Unidad móvil 4K - Exterior

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