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Multicines Guayaquil - Christie

كريستي CP4330-RGB, CP2309-RGB and CP2320-RGB laser projectors give life to the 11 new rooms that Multicines has opened in Guayaquil (Ecuador).

The new multiplex is located in the Mall del Rio shopping center in Guayaquil, the country’s main port and largest city. Its facilities include a 4D E-Motion theater with seats equipped with vibration and movement systems, as well as wind, water and scents effects. It also has a premium large-format (PLF) theatre called Multicines Xtreme (MCX) with دولبي أتموس sound, premium seating and a giant screen of almost 200 square meters.

The latter room has been equipped with a Christie CP4330-RGB projector with 28,000 lumens and 4096 x 2160 (4K) resolution. The rest of the screens have models CP2309-RGB (8500 lumens) and CP2320-RGB (18000 lumens) 2K, all based on Christie Real Laser lighting technology, “which offers unbeatable stability and reliability in the long term” according to the manufacturer.

Multicines Guayaquil - Christie 1CES+, responsible for the installation

Cinema Equipment & Supplies (CES+) has been the company chosen by Multicines to carry out the installation of the equipment. Gonzalo López, general manager of Multicines, explains why it has again relied on Christie over other manufacturers: “Christie is a world leader when it comes to cinema projectors and we have always prided ourselves on having the best technology for our theatres. RGB pure laser technology offers excellent quality coupled with energy efficiency. It affords significant advances in customer experience, because both the quality of the colour as well as the high brightness are the absolute best available in the market.”

Diego López, responsible for NOLA and the Andes region of Christie, welcomes the new agreement with the cinema chain: “Multicines has always kept up with the latest advances in technology for its cinema screens and has always given utmost priority to ensuring its audiences the best comfort possible. We are honoured that they opted for the superiority and brightness of our RGB pure laser projection systems for this cutting-edge multiplex which will give its spectators an incredible cinema-going experience.”

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