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DAZN TV Box - Digiquest -

Those viewers who live in areas where there is no fiber optic connection will still be able to benefit from DAZN‘s offer with the purchase of their own set-top box.

The DAZN TV Box, which will debut on the Italian market taking advantage of the company’s ownership of the الدوري 2021-2022 rights, will use the transmission of a dedicated digital terrestrial channel (409, DAZN Channel) to broadcast the main matches of the competition.

DAZN TV Box - DigiquestThe device, with a fixed cost of 139€, also allows internet connection through a smartphone, thus offering an alternative way to Wi-Fi / Ethernet. Those users interested in the device will also have to pay the monthly cost of the subscription to the platform.

The DAZN development, offered by Digiquest, comes exclusively to the Italian market. For now, the company has not disclosed plans to extend this formula to other markets.

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