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Vizrt Mosart 5.0The فيزرت Mosart studio automation software has reached version 5.0, featuring the new Story Recorder feature and more.

With Story Recorder, production teams can pause recording to review an element, rectify an error or, in short, improve the show. The Vizrt new system is capable of resetting all studio elements (graphics, robotic camera positions…) to a specific position. Once the replay and shooting is complete, Story Recorder automatically stitches the program segments together, leaving it ready for broadcast without the need for major post-production editing.

Vizrt estimates that Story Recorder “cuts in half” the time directors, producers and editors spend in the editing room, freeing up their time for “more productive work” such as “program planning or more advanced editing.” Niels Borg, product manager at Viz Mosart, values Story Recorder: “Prior to this release, our customers had been using Viz Mosart to add automation benefits to recorded shows, but the output still required additional post-production before being broadcast. With Viz Mosart 5 and Story Recorder, the need for editing is removed – a recorded show with multiple retakes can now be made ready to air in minutes.”

Viz Mosart 5.0 also comes with a new NRCS plugin, compatible with all MOS-based NRCS systems and allowing MOS objects to be edited directly, as well as new drivers for Ross Video Acuity, Panasonic’s PTZ cameras and the وادي العشب K2. In addition, the software offers new support for Dalet Brio’s looping function.

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