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Grass Valley - AJA - HDR Image Analyzer 12G

The أجا HDR Image Analyzer 12G solution has enabled وادي العشب to validate the HDR capabilities of the new LDX C135 compact camera and LDX 150 studio camera.

Grass Valley, to ensure that its products comply with various industry standards, frequently works with test and measurement equipment from various manufacturers during its research and development phases. In this context, the company recently used the AJA HDR Image Analyzer 12G to validate its technology for the LDX 150 premium live broadcast camera and the recently introduced LDX C135 compact camera.

The Grass Valley R&D engineering team connected the camera to an HDR Image Analyzer 12G and an HDR monitor via a single 12G-SDI cable. To compare the outputs from two different cameras, an AJA Kumo SDI router was added to the setup, allowing the sources to be swapped. The 4K/UHD output from each camera was sent to a monitor for visual evaluation via HDR Image Analyzer, which allowed real-time signal analysis to be undertaken, revealing real-time signal information. The engineer was then able to switch between camera sources and perform an accurate colour comparison using the histograms, vectorscope and HDR waveform monitoring functions of HDR Image Analyzer.

Paul de Bresser, product manager at Grass Valley, has full confidence in the capabilities of the AJA solution: “People view pictures differently. You need good equipment and accurate data to validate what you’re seeing and prove that your development is headed in the right direction. With HDR Image Analyzer 12G, our development team can look at different aspects of the signal in real-time and make adjustments so that we can ensure our products are compatible with industry standards and consistent across color spaces. This allows us to optimize our testing process and ensures we are developing a quality product that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.”

“Good relationships and trust are important, and we know we can rely on AJA. If we encounter a problem, we can get help immediately. Working in partnership, we can move the industry forward”, adds De Bresser.

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