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Pebble Control, Pebble’s IP connection management solution, and VideoIPath, Nevion’s (Sony) SDN and orchestration software, enhance their interconnectivity.

The latest integration between the two systems allows Pebble-Steuerung customers to control SDNs in addition to traditional IGMP-based networks (which could already be controlled by the solution). In this way, Pebble Control can discover devices in dem VideoIPath system and issue connection requests based on user input. Similarly, VideoIPath customers can now benefit from Pebble Control’s advanced features, such as its container logic concept.

Miroslav Jeras, Pebble’s CTO, believes that, thanks to this VideoIPath integration, its customers “can further expand their IP systems to more complex COTS network architectures and wide area networking applications.” Similarly, Johnny Dolvik, director of product and development at Nevion, says, “we are pleased that Pebble recognizes the importance of VideoIPath and believe that this new integration will provide real added value to customers.”

Pebble Control and VideoIPath

Pebble-Steuerung is a self-contained, scalable and easy-to-configure IP connection management system built to enable broadcasters to transition to an all-IP installation without having to deploy a bespoke enterprise solution. Leveraging open standards, Pebble Control operates with web-based user interfaces and is designed to deliver benefits “to even the smallest IP installations.”

Nevion’s VideoIPath, on the other hand, is a solution that enables users to control their connectivity needs by facilitating the routing of video, audio and data across local and wide area networks (LANs and WANs), connecting locations, equipment and functions. Its technology allows facilities (e.g., studios, control rooms, data centers), equipment (e.g., processing) and work profiles to be shared between geographic locations.

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Durch • 21 Jun, 2021
• Abschnitt: IP