MOG’s MediaScheduler, an online micro-service from MOG’s MAM4PRO product range, has been chosen by Polsat as part of a matrix-controlled recording system to capture all the activity of the most watched channel in Poland.

Working with integrator BCP, which has been collaborating with MOG for years, the project will enable Polsat to record hundreds of hours of content per week, often handling several productions at once. To maintain workflow continuity, they needed a solution that would allow them to schedule and control all their recording jobs in a unified interface that could be accessed anytime, anywhere.

In addition, Polsat was also looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to automatically control their older Vallée de l'herbe Jupiter matrices and multiple recording servers (16 channels), with additional backup redundancy in case of critical failure.

MOG MediaScheduler

The solution

For this project, MOG and BCP sought to develop a custom solution that would give Polsat the flexibility it needed when working with third-party hardware.

MAM4PRO’s MediaScheduler was tailored to meet those needs and was deployed on a single high-density, high-performance Xpress R2 server, with two individual nodes: node one would have scheduling automation for the current HD-SDI feed recordings; automation control of the current HD-SDI router (Grass Valley Trinix 5122, CM4000 router control with Jupiter v8.0.1 P2) and automation control of the current HD-SDI recorders. The second node would serve as backup, in case of failure in any of the components of the Active Main Server, replicating the current database (Cold Standby).

Deployment on the high-density, high-performance MOG Xpress R-2 server (with two nodes in one box) allowed for an optimal combination of a multi-channel recording scheduler with router control, and extra redundancy allowing for greater flexibility and workflow continuity.

The 4PRO MediaScheduler software unifies all ingest activities, while allowing quick access to media while managing all ingest processes.

MOG MediaScheduler en Polsat

This custom build was standardized and is now part of MOG’s range of solutions for the broadcast and media industry.

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Pour • 23 Jul, 2021
• Section: Stockage, Gestion des médias