Krickhahn TV - Riedel - Bolero

Danish production company Krickhahn TV uses the Riedel Bolero wireless intercom system to communicate with its camera operators and drivers while they are on the move on their motorbikes.

Krickhahn TV - Riedel - BoleroKrickhahn TV uses the Bolero antenna in stand-alone mode together with three beltpacks, one of which is dedicated to enable the integrated Bluetooth interface and the “public” call function. This method allows high-quality calls to be made to the driver and camera operator, enabling them to talk to each other via a duplex connection. The assembly is completed by a customised side box containing the video encoder and a Bolero antenna, both connected to 12V regulated from the motorbike and camera batteries to ensure a redundant and stable power supply.

Installed on specially adapted motorbikes as a stand-alone system, the Boléro system also allows the production team to use a wide variety of headsets, and even helmets with built-in Bluetooth headsets, to maintain clear communication with high audio quality in order to provide viewers with the best footage of road cycling races.

Krickhahn TV - Riedel - BoleroChristian Krickhahn, owner of Krickhahn TV, is very positive about his experience with Bolero: “Having used Bolero on many productions, I know how well it works and appreciate its features and excellent audio quality. I was very happy to use Bolero for live coverage of a road race here in Denmark, and it’s very convenient that we have the flexibility to use the hardware in other ways across different productions, as well.”

D'autre part, Jakob Refer, sales manager at Riedel, believes that Kickhahn TV’s use of Bolero “demonstrates how its flexibility and ease of use can truly revolutionize workflows for challenging productions like these. Under very challenging circumstances, Bolero delivers the performance critical to the overall success of the live broadcast production.”

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Pour • 18 Feb, 2022
• Section: l'audio, Télévision mobile