SK Broadband - Ross Video - Plató - XPression Tessera SE

SK Broadband has decided to use the Ross Vidéo XPression Tessera SE engine to bring advanced graphics to its new news set.

Using Tessera SE, Korea’s SK Broadband can scale, synchronise and map multiple real-time motion graphics outputs from its large LED panel. The new set will be used primarily for news, but by using XPression and Tessera, the TV team will be able to adapt the environment for thematic content, such as the upcoming presidential and municipal elections.

Taesso Lim, head of SKBB’s graphics team, believes that the integration of the Ross Video system has opened up many possibilities: “The outcome is stunning, and the ability to customize the set for specific uses has been a huge time and budget saver.”

Lim also values the role of his Ross DashBoard control system, which, together with local support, facilitates his day-to-day operations: “DashBoard control makes the complicated studio wall workflow so easy and accurate. Ross has been very supportive and educational to us as we integrate this new technology.”

“After installation and commissioning, Ross continues to visit us to ensure that we are getting the most of our investment, even before we request it. We greatly appreciate the support from Ross throughout this project,” adds Lim.

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Pour • 17 Mar, 2022
• Section: Étude, graphique