Sony HDC-3500

Olimpiadi NBCBC ha scelto un'ampia varietà di Sony cameras for its coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Olimpiadi NBCBC userò in giro 100 Sony cameras to capture all the sporting events, record interviews with athletes, cover press conferences and, in short, perform all tasks requiring portable and studio recording equipment. The HDC-3500 will be the main protagonist of the coverage, which will be used to transmit the event via IP-based networks.

Le apparecchiature di registrazione includeranno anche Sony's HDC-5500 e HDC-3500 4K/HDR, two high frame rate studio cameras capable of slow motion playback; as well as XDCAM PXW-Z750, PXW-Z450, PXW-X400 e PXW-Z280 camcorders.

Miscelatori di produzione

La divisione NBC utilizzerà anche diversi mixer di produzione, including the flagship 4K/3G/HD IP-compatible XVS-9000 modello e il XVS-8000 e XVS-6000 4K/3G/HD video mixers, designed for IP- and SDI-based productions. Many of these mixers will be used in an IP-based environment and some will be responsible for producing content in 1080p HDR format.

The mixers will redirect content captured at each sports venue to NBC Olympics’ production facilities at its international broadcast center in Tokyo, in addition to providing HD cable coverage across di NBCUniversal various networks and platforms. NBC Olympics will also use “hundreds” of Sony’s professional monitors, come il 4K Trimaster EL OLED monitor series for both on-set and on-site monitoring.

In addition, Servizi professionali Sony sarà responsabile della fornitura di una vasta rete di risorse per fornire alle Olimpiadi NBC un supporto continuo per equipment and production tasks.

Sony in streaming IP e UHD

David Mazza, CTO and EVP of Gruppo sportivo NBC e Olimpiadi NBCBC, sees Sony la tecnologia come chiave per la sua nuovi flussi di lavoro: “Leading up to the Tokyo Olympics, we at NBC Olympics have been working on implementing several key advancements as we move towards UHD content and next-generation infrastructure. This includes converting the IBC to an all-IP based system and combining 1080P, 4K and HDR workflows. All while protecting the 1080i SDR content of our main broadcasts. The work done by Sony has been essential in being able to provide us with a range of up to date equipment and advise us on how to ensure these processes run as efficiently as possible while maintaining exceptional picture quality and a high level of reliability.”

Meanwhile, John Studdert, vice president of Media Solutions at Sony, comments on its role in Tokyo 2020: “The NBC Olympics production team will leverage our innovative IP-based 4K and HDR-compatible technologies to capture and broadcast this sporting event, ensuring exceptional, dynamic and immersive coverage, and connecting with viewers across multiple platforms.”

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