HUB punto di infiammabilità facile 24S

Il facile HUB FLASHPoint 24S server is now available, capable of working at more than 6 GB/sec with workstations and ready to handle more than 100 compressed 4K streams.

HUB punto di infiammabilità facile è un server di archiviazione condiviso che integra 24 high-performance SSDs per chassis, totaling 24TB, 48TB or 96TB. Likewise, it can feature 25Gb, 40Gb or 100GB dual-port Ethernet, and 16Gb or 32Gb Fibre Channel. HUB FLASHPoint allows you to add up to 10 direct clients with optional 10Gb, 25Gb, 16Gb or 32Gb link speed direct connect client cards, or use a network switch to scale workgroups with automatic load balancing. It also benefits from Facilis’ Bandwidth Priority feature, which optimizes the performance of these machines.

As Facilis points out, HUB FLASHPoint is a tool that has been designed with “speed and scalability in mind”. Yet, as the company stresses, it has the lowest GB premium of “any premium turnkey system” on the market.

Pronti per nuove esigenze

The Facilis HUB FLASHPoint integrates state-of-the-art speeds for its processor and processor and memory memory. This optimizes processes such as the generazione e trascrizione dei proxy Facilis FastTracker, or the transfer of data to LTO and the cloud via Facilis Object Cloud/Object LTO.

Jim McKenna, director of marketing at Facilis Techcnology, believes Facilis HUB FLASHPoint will mark a before and after for the company, “We’ve been shipping SSD-based systems for some time, but this is the first system we’ve built exclusively to host the dense, high performance flash disks available today. With 8K already in many production pipelines, higher performance on-premise solutions are needed. Our total solution approach incorporates asset management, archive and remote editorial in a single turn-key system.”

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Per • 21 Jul, 2021
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