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Progettazione della magia nera solutions such as the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro or DaVinci Resolve Studio software have shaped Dinosaurs Take Over Our HOUSE!”, the latest video from the global YouTube phenomenon Ninja Kidz.

Ninja Kidz TV was created in 2017 to provide entertainment for the whole family and inspire audiences to seek adventure, learn new skills, build confidence and follow a healthy lifestyle. The channel follows brothers Bryton, Ashton, Paxton and Payton, who practice martial arts. It currently has more than 15.5 million subscribers and nearly 7 billion views, making it one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world.

A recurring theme for Ninja Kidz has been dinosaur attacks and their antics, with most of these images being filmed with highly realistic and mobile dinosaurs, which share the screen with the protagonists, who take advantage of their knowledge in martial arts and gymnastics to perform all the action scenes. This new video includes all of these components, as well as real, computer-generated snakes and stop motion animated invasive plants. The video has managed to reach nearly 10 million views in less than a month.

Telecamera cinematografica tascabile 6K Pro

The film was directed and produced by Matt Oliveira, who worked closely with cinematographer Alberto Nunes. Oliveira, who has extensive experience in film, television and digital content, had already used Progettazione della magia nera E DaVinci Resolve cameras on several of his projects, so he knew that the Telecamera cinematografica tascabile 6K Pro would give him what he needed for this piece. As he says, “The Pocket 6K Pro was a perfect camera for this for many reasons. I absolutely love the colors and the dynamic range that these cameras are capable of reaching. And even though we had it rigged almost like a full cinema camera, the size and the light weight of the whole rig allowed us to move much faster with a small crew and know that we were capturing a cinematic picture.”

The production included shooting in a kitchen, a living room and a lobby, spaces where the brothers interacted with the dinosaurs and a real boa. Oliveira and Nunes had to develop different shots that could encompass all the action in such a small space, but still deliver a high dynamic range image, so that digitized venomous snakes could be added in post-production.

Post-production with DaVinci

Once the footage was shot, it was sent to Josh Garretson, who was in charge of editing and color grading with Da Vinci Resolve Studio software. Being able to send the footage directly from the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro unit to post-production saved Oliveira a lot of time.

Oliveira sums up the experience of working with a full Progettazione della magia nera workflow: “I love how easy the post production is when working with Blackmagic cameras. No matter what I shoot in, it’s always a delightful process in post. The flexibility to push the image is incredible and the simplicity to color Pocket Cinema Camera 6k files is a lifesaver.”

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