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A selection of equipment from Ross Video Ross has helped Tesseract Esports scale its production to cope with the widespread demand for content.

Based in Hyderabad, India, Tesseract Esports has been developing the esports scene in South and Southeast Asia since 2015. Due to a growing event schedule, the workload in its six studios e four control rooms was starting to become unsustainable, so the production company’s technical team decided to contact Ross to optimize its production.

During discussions with the Canadian company, Tesseract identified a number of areas for improvement: real-time data-driven graphics, product reliability, unified control e scalabilità. To address these demands, the Ross team proposed a solution that included the Carbonite Ultra switchers, the Ultrix audiovisual processing platform, the XPression graphics system and the Pannello di controllo control system. The experience could not have been more positive, as Gowtham Reddy, founder and director of Tesseract Esports, points out: “Everything proposed was extremely reliable and scalable, and the comprehensive feature set has really helped with our budgeting.”

The observer

One of the defining positions in eSports production is that of the observer, a person in charge of producing the video game competition in order to provide the game director with the best feed. In this regard, Reddy identifies a big improvement for his productions: “The Carbonite Ultra switcher includes a powerful audio mixer. Esports production requires AFV for observer feeds, so we can bring audio into the Carbonite Ultra and use the AFV function. Without this inbuilt functionality, we would either have to use a software-based switcher with audio functionality or an external audio mixer with GPIO, both of which would only complicate the workflow and add to the number of possible failure points.”

Another key to production, details the Tesseract manager, is data management: “Esport titles generate a lot of live data. At times we are showing dead or alive statuses of up to 64 players, their various stats, live kills and so on, all in real time. With XPression DataLinq, we were able to integrate game API directly without any major database development. And the way that XPression CG handles such large amounts of data in milliseconds is simply phenomenal!”

“We’re in great shape now. We’ve got rock solid solutions from Ross that are easy to use, our workflows are far more efficient and we’re ready to scale for the future. The pre-sales and technical support from Ross have been fantastic and we really couldn’t be happier,” concludes Reddy, expressing his satisfaction with Ross Video’s solutions.

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Per • 24 Sep, 2021
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