Globecast - Gravity Media - Fútbol estadio

The premier soccer event of 2022 will be brought to global audiences with a range of production and connectivity services provided by Globecast e Gravity Media.

Gravity Media will provide a range of on-site technical facilities – from workstations to complete temporary studios for broadcasters around the world to use. This infrastructure will be supported by Globecast’s fiber and satellite connectivity, as well as public Internet access if desired. Gravity Media will also provide post-production services to broadcasters.

Ed Tischler, managing director of Gravity Media in EMEA, says: “This partnership is about making life better and easier for customers.” “By working with Globecast, we can provide clients with a single, tightly integrated offering that we can tailor to the needs of each customer. We can offer remote production as well, with customers able to use our production facilities in London, San Francisco and Sydney, again supported by Globecast’s connectivity. We have also had offices in Qatar since 2007 so we know the country very well,” he adds.

On the other hand, James Whittaker, Globecast’s business development director, explains the collaboration with Gravity Media: “This is a powerful partnership that will provide premium, end-to-end services for customers at what is one of the world’s great supporting events. Broadcasters not only need our combined technical capabilities, they also need premium level signal reliability wherever they may be. Alongside this connectivity, we’re really focussing on our customer approach with this partnership as well.”

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Per • 5 Oct, 2021
• Sezione: Studia, Attività commerciale, tv