Blackmagic Design - Micro Converter 12G

The new Micro Converter 12G family has arrived. It is a series of solutions from Blackmagic Design that allow users to connect HDMI equipment to SDI systems.

Il Blackmagic Micro Converters are compact professional converters with a rugged, miniaturized design. In addition to connecting HDMI to SDI equipment, they feature 3G o 12G SDI connections, depending on the model, which facilitate the processing of SD, HD or UHD formats at up to 2160p60 resolution and can be powered directly from a TV or computer via the USB port.

Each of the new Micro Converter 12G models has SDI e HDMI connections, as well as a USB port that allows the units to be powered and settings to be changed via the utility program on Mac and Windows. In turn, this port offers the opportunity to power the converter from TVs or computers. These devices also have LEDs that indicate signal and power status, and can be purchased with an AC power supply that includes four universal adapters.

Also, because they are manufactured with high precision electronics, the 12G Micro Converters reduce image jitter, allowing long distances to be covered using SDI cables. This is essential during live productions where cameras may be far away from the mixers. They can also process 8-bit and 10-bit content, in both RGB e YUV, and in any SD, HD e UHD format, at a maximum resolution of 2160p60 (including 1080p24, 1080p47.95, 1080p48, 4Kp24, 4Kp47.95 and 4Kp48). In addition, they support timecode and embedded audio.

Blackmagic Design - Micro Converter HDMI to SDI 12GMicro Converter 12G models

Il Micro Converter SDI to HDMI 12G is designed to monitor SD, HD, 4K and UHD formats up to 2160p60. It includes a 17-point 3D LUT for monitor calibration, which can also be applied to the transmitted signal via the downstream 12G SDI output. It should also be noted that the converter provides support for DCI frame rates such as 4Kp24, 4Kp47.95 e 4Kp48.

On the other hand, the Micro Converter HDMI to SDI 12G model allows HDMI cameras and computer equipment to be connected to other professional SDI devices. It includes two 12G SDI outputs to use SD, HD or UHD devices. When working in HD, it offers support for 3G SDI level A and B signals. It is also worth noting that the converter supports various formats, for example, 4Kp24, 4Kp47.95 and 4Kp48.

Finally, the Micro Converter BiDirectional SDI/HDMI 12G allows to convert in both directions, in different formats simultaneously, for example, SDI to HDMI signals and vice versa. It is also compatible with camera control protocols, making it possible to use Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera units with professional SDI mixers.

Conversion tables and HDR

Some models in the Micro Converter 12G family include a three-dimensional conversion table for precise color control. This allows you to implement specific styles and make instant color adjustments to monitor the quality of the recorded material. In addition, a LUT can be applied to images transmitted through the derived SDI output, allowing the converter to be used as a 3D conversion table processor and used for color-calibrated color grading on inexpensive monitors. 3D LUTs are included in the SDI to HDMI 3G, SDI to HDMI 12G e BiDirectional SDI/HDMI 12G models. Similarly, custom 3D LUTs can be created in Da Vinci Resolve.

Similarly, the Micro Converters 12G support HDR workflows. The static PQ and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) metadata formats in the VPID are processed according to the ST2108-1, ST2084 e ST425 standards. These devices define two new bits in the VPID to determine the transfer characteristics of SDR, HLG or PQ formats. In addition, the ST2108-10 standard establishes how to transmit static or dynamic HDR metadata via an SDI output. ST2082-10 standards are also supported for 12G SDI signals, and ST425 for 3G SDI sources, as well as with Rec. 709 and Rec. 2020 color spaces, and the DCI-P3 format.

The Blackmagic Micro Converter 12G models support SD e HD formats, as well as UHD e 4K, such as 2160p23.98, 2160p24, 2160p25, 2160p29.97, 2160p30, 2160p47. 95, 2160p48, 2160p50, 2160p59.94, 2160p60, DCI 4Kp23.98, DCI 4Kp24, DCI 4Kp25, DCI 4Kp29.97, DCI 4Kp30, DCI 4Kp47.95, DCI 4Kp48, DCI 4Kp50, DCI 4Kp59.94 and 4Kp60, DCI 4KPsF25, DCI 4KPsF29.97 and DCI 4KPsF30.

Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic Design, is optimistic about the public reception of this range of solutions: “Our Micro Converters are very popular and these new models are now using a custom design that runs Blackmagic OS so we can now include many more features than the old models could support because these new models are intelligent. We think customers will love these new models and we look forward to releasing new software updates for them as we add even more new features!”

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