Rohde Schwarz Prismon

Rohde & Schwarz Prismon adds the Multiviewer Control Center (MCC) function, a solution that enables a single point of control for a multiviewer network.

This functionality allows Rohde & Schwarz users to centrally control their entire multiviewer network, along with the associated decoders and encoders. The development has been carried out with those studios and control rooms in mind that “change personality on a regular basis”, such as news or live sports studios.

Prisma is a software-defined multiviewer architecture that supports UHD signals. The product has been specifically designed for IP studio production and broadcast systems. Among its features is the “scalable distributed multiviewer” functionality, which enables “any input to any output” connectivity over IP proxy networks. This will allow the Rohde & Schwarz tool to share resources across a network, enabling users to configure a view with multiple Ultra HD inputs.

Already in operation

Prismon’s MCC function, a separately licensed system option, has already been implemented by “one of Europe’s largest broadcast specialists”. Specifically, MCC will be used as part of a facility to help a “major” European broadcaster broadcast a multinational soccer competition in 2021.

Andreas Loges, VP Media Technologies at Rohde & Schwarz, sees MCC as a natural evolution of Prismon given the feedback received from its users: “Prismon is already a popular choice for multiviewers in major installations, because of the flexibility and cost efficiency it brings. Following conversations with our users, it became clear that they sought the ability to use that flexibility to allow facilities to be reconfigured quickly, accurately and easily. MCC is a direct result of those discussions.”

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