ATTO 360 - Rohde Schwarz - MAC

o AGIR 360 tuning, monitoring and analysis software as well as the ATTO ThunderLink N3 3102 and NS 3252 Thunderbolt adapters increase their compatibility with the Rohde & Schwarz SpycerNode on macOS thanks to an agreement between the two companies.

Thanks to this partnership, macOS users (joining those who use Linux and Windows as their platform of choice) can more easily connect to the SpycerNode media storage solution, benefiting from a significant performance boost without the need for additional PCI slots.

ATTO 360 is a tool created to optimize and maintain Ethernet networks compatible with the ATTO Ethernet products, such as FastFrame Smart Ethernet adapters and ThunderLink Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapters. The system will offer direct access to three dedicated Rohde & Schwarz tuning profiles (available in Q1 2022) that will provide automatic adjustments to system control settings and support for file transfers.

Dirk Thometzek, product manager for storage solutions at Rohde & Schwarz, notes that this initiative stems from their desire “to make it as easy as possible for our customers to work with our media storage and enjoy the same quality experience regardless of their operating system of choice.” “We are delighted to once again join forces to deliver a step up in performance, allowing our macOS customers to remain focused on delivering high quality creative content,” he adds.

On the other hand, Tim Klein, CEO of ATTO Technology, remarks that their “close working relationship with the team at Rohde & Schwarz really came into its own” and that thanks to this partnership they have been “able to achieve a level of performance for SpycerNode that is over and above what the default settings can offer.”

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Para • 27 Out, 2021
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