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New Jersey-based production company NMR Events has adopted the Quicklink Studio solution to incorporate high-quality remote contributions into virtual event production.

As the Covid-19 pandemic spread, NMR Events adopted a completely virtual event workflow. As a result, they turned to Quicklink as the call ingest solution of choice to receive high-quality, ultra-low latency audio and video from speakers and presenters.

NMR EventsQuicklink Studio (ST55) allows NMR Events to collect high-quality remote contributions from a laptop or mobile device without the need to install applications or software. Contributors can be invited via an operator-generated, shareable URL link.

From the Quicklink Manager, the operator can remotely control and configure the contributor’s camera, microphone, speaker settings, resolution, data bandwidth and latency, if required.

Jonathan Joyce, senior technician at NMR Events, comments, “Where Quicklink really shines is with the tools for presenter onboarding and management. The ability to assign unique presenter links with timed validity in advance provides our end users with confidence and comfort. The simple and guided joining experience allows for even the most non-technical participants to join with ease.”

Quicklink Studio

Ease of use and reliability

One of the larger projects for which Quicklink Studio (ST55) was used was a virtual awards show. For this project, it was a requirement that award winners could easily promote themselves in the program without any preparation or onboarding.

Because of the ease of use, reliability and invitation-assisted mode, winners were onboarded via a link and arranged in a virtual waiting room where they could watch and listen to live audio and video of the program. As winners were announced, they were quickly moved to a live feed, allowing NMR to capture initial reactions and maintain authenticity.

Quicklink solutions were provided by Key Code Media, a U.S.-based systems integrator of audiovisual, broadcast and post-production solutions.

“The team at Quicklink worked diligently with us to improve the product and develop solutions that meshed well with and enhanced both the studio and presenter workflow and experience. In addition, Key Code Media played a significant role in not only the purchasing process but the communications and support we needed throughout our relationship with Quicklink,” adds Joyce.

To enable flexibility in its workflow, NMR also built an on-the-road box in a portable rack format. Given the constant demand for Quicklink solutions, this equipment can be easily moved into any of NMR’s eight control rooms and effortlessly connected via SDI or NDI to the chosen studio infrastructure.

“The Quicklink Studio quality is great and the ability to output native to SDI is a huge advantage. This allows for scalability as well as seamless integration into our existing systems,” concludes Joyce.

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De • 28 Jun, 2021
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