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Project Stryker, the Riot Games new remote IP production project to coordinate media streams between eSports venues and production centres, will be supported by a selection of solutions and services from Nevion.

Riot Games is developing a production system to produce live events from centralised production data centres. Its new broadcast and content production centre (RBC) in Dublin, Ireland, is the first of several that will be built and interconnected to provide a seamless global production model where each will produce multiple events simultaneously based on time zone requirements.

Nevion (brand owned by sony from September 2020) is providing the solution to coordinate media streams between the remote venues and RBC via Riot Direct, Riot’s WAN. The solution provided will be built around the Nevion software-defined media node, Virtuoso, and its SDN coordination and control software, VideoIPath.

Virtuoso will be deployed in SMPTE ST 2110-compliant data centres and in portable “contribution kits”, which will be moved to wherever events are held as required. The nodes will offer various multimedia features to transport streams over the network, including SDI/SMPTE ST 2110 adaptation, JPEG XS low latency video compression, MADI transport and processing, and IPME (IP media edge) functionality for LAN to WAN transfer, multicast to unicast conversion and stream protection.

Nevion VideoIPathNameFirst experiences with Nevion

Riot Games implemented Nevion Virtuoso com JPEG XS in the remote production of the 2019 League of Legends World Championship Finals, one of the world’s first uses of the compression technology. This year, the company successfully completed the integration of MADI over IP/SMPTE ST ST2110 between Los Angeles e Reykjavik during the League of Legends World Championship em Iceland.

VideoIPath functions as a single coordination layer for multimedia WAN connectivity, allowing Riot to quickly connect contribution kits to the centralised production infrastructure of the data centres. In this way, the solution will coordinate all media streams by meticulously managing and optimising bandwidth usage. It will also configure Virtuoso media node adaptation, JPEG XS compression and stream protection to suit different production requirements, with integrated service-level control.

Scott Adametz, senior director of infrastructure engineering at Riot Games, reiterated his confidence in Nevion: “Having worked with Nevion for a couple of years already, we knew that Nevion’s products, expertise and experience would enable us to build an IP solution that would allow for more global efficiency for our esports productions.”

At the same time, Thomas Heinzer, CEO of Nevion, welcomes the agreement: “Riot Games are real pioneers in live production, and we’re always proud to be part of their innovative projects, from their first use of JPEG XS two years ago, to this latest venture to create a truly global production capability.”

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