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То Newsbridge cloud platform, which allows to benefit from artificial intelligence to improve archiving and content management processes, has been integrated by the multi-platform news media Asharq News.

Newsbridge will enable Asharq News to automatically index its archive through multimodal AI and access scalable cloud processing. By organizing and marketing media assets into collections (or smart folders that are automatically updated when new media meets a set of pre-defined criteria) this technology will enable Asharq News to access new business models.

Kathey Battrick, director of library and media management at Asharq News, sums up the benefits that Newsbridge will bring in the short to medium term: “Newsbridge provides our production teams with a fast and efficient means of searching and finding the shots they need, in English or Arabic. We look forward to leveraging AI-powered archiving technology to maximise multilingual search, accuracy, efficiency and convenience.”

Philippe Petitpont, CEO of Newsbridge, said, “Asharq News’ track record as innovation leaders in the media sector makes our partnership all the more meaningful. By leveraging Newsbridge Multimodal Indexing AI technology, Asharq is setting a new standard to future-proof media asset management in the industry while also transforming end-user experience, offering next-gen search exploration and retrieval.”

AI-based platform

Newsbridge provides an AI-powered cloud-native solution to enable the user to manage vast amounts of media assets. The platform enables building collections of media assets, indexing content with artificial intelligence, accessing video tools in the cloud, and making content available to clients through a content exposure, monetization and resale portal. By accounting for facial, object and scene recognition with audio transcription and semantic context, the solution enables intelligent management of multimedia assets for logging, archiving or research purposes.

Asharq News is integrating Newsbridge’s AI archiving technology into its state-of-the-art digital infrastructure. Its recently remodeled facility includes solutions such as a Barco 2 LED display, a fully virtual studio, cameras that can be remotely controlled from the control room, robotic cameras, a four-screen mobile video wall, an augmented reality-enabled LDL display, Pebble broadcast technology, the LiveU file sharing system, and the Megaphone TV viewer interaction platform.

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