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Чемпионат по гибридному киберспорту Gamevasion, организованный Ракетная фасоль, Игры Freaks 4U и INSTINCT3 в Gamescom был произведен с LiveU solutions.

Four German influencers starred in this particular tournament that took place in different corners of Hamburg. At each location, the creators of content competed against each other through video games and different real-world activities. A total of twelve LiveU полевые блоки использовались для освещения события и передачи видеосигналов в реальном времени на центральная диспетчерская, from where the signals were remotely mixed. All LiveU technology, as well as technical support, was provided by German distributor неторий.

Ракетная фасоль deployed a large number of cameras, including action cams, drones and smartphone cameras to film the three-hour production. LiveU’s LU600 а также LU800 multi-camera units were used to transmit the live feeds from such unique locations as a speeding roller coaster carriage, a hotel bar on the rooftop of a 26-story building, and a laser gaming venue. In parallel, the tour bus that took participants from one location to another was also equipped with several cameras and LiveU technology. Each LU800 unit, in particular, transmitted four live signals in parallel.

Майкл Петреску, director of operations at Rocket Beans, says that thanks to LiveU solutions, it was possible “to cover the routes between the different gaming locations live and to manage the production completely remotely. This allowed us to take the viewers on a literal tour ranging between a TV event and streamer road trip.” Сион Эйлам, LiveU’s VP of EMEA sales, comments that “this production presents an excellent real-life use case demonstrating what LiveU’s mobile video technology is able to achieve today.” Finally, Питер Франц, CEO of netorium, added: “Empowering IP remote production workflows, LiveU technology has made a live broadcast possible that would have been unaffordable to produce with SNG technology or OB vans.”

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