Nevion - Virtuoso - AES3

The Невион (Сони) Virtuoso software-defined node is updated with a wide range of new features, including support for AES3 digital audio.

Virtuoso by Невион is a standards-based, virtualisation-ready node that can perform a variety of transport, processing and real-time monitoring functions on the converged IP LAN/WAN. In addition to its comprehensive video capabilities, Virtuoso also offers advanced audio media features. These include matching and routing between AES3, MADI и IP audio (SMPTE ST 2110, AES67), as well as audio processing functions such as embedding/de-embedding, shuffle, gain and delay control.

The new digital audio card for Virtuoso, designed specifically to optimise AES3 compatibility, offers connection panels with 16 BNC or XLR ports, and supports input sample rate conversion, making it easy to use in SMPTE ST 2110 systems. Virtuoso’s audio processor capabilities have also been enhanced with a new low latency audio mixer functionality. Audio processors can now be configured in matrix mixer mode, allowing any input audio source to be summed. Matrix sizes are very flexible and configurations range from 8×8 and 16×4 to 24×20, 16×32 и 64×8. Audio processing is compatible with the mixer’s input stage as well as the mixer’s crossover points.

The Virtuoso audio media functions have been selected and implemented by several TV and radio broadcasters for various applications. For example, the Nevion solution is being used as part of a national network based on the СМПТЭ СТ 2110 standard that connects regional broadcast studios and event sites, and a radio production and distribution network.

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