Nevion - Thomas Heinzer - CEOНевион, а Сони-owned company since 2020, begins a new phase with Thomas Heinzer as CEO. He replaces Geir Bryn-Jensen, who has decided to leave the company to start new projects.

Heinzer founded the signal transport and routing systems provider Network Electronics in 1996, which would evolve into Невион a decade later, in 2007. The company’s new CEO has played a key role in the company’s M&A activities. Until now, he held the position of executive vice president of strategic projects.

In his first statements as CEO, Heinzer has highlighted the “proud history of reinvention” of Nevion, a company that “is now working closely with parent company Sony to deliver the future of broadcast production”. Heinzer also dedicated a few words to Bryn-Jensen, whom he wanted to recognize his “great contribution” in “shaping Nevion into the company it is now.” “I think I can speak for everyone in Nevion in wishing him the very best for the future,” he stressed.

Finally, Heinzer ended his speech by stating his desire to “leading Nevion in this exciting new phase of the company, with the support of the management team and the great people who work in there.”

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К • 24 Aug, 2021
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