SFR - Avid (Foto: SRF/Oscar Alessio)

Swiss national broadcaster SRF has decided to continue to rely on MediaCentral and Media Composer from Заядлый subscription software to enhance its news production operations.

After more than 15 years as an Заядлый customer, SRF has taken a major step forward in future-proofing its production operations by upgrading to the latest versions of the MediaCentral production platform and Media Composer editing solution.

The SFR production operations and equipment are spread across two large studios located in Zurich and Basel. Beyond the MediaCentral Production Management solution, this infrastructure includes Avid Nexis shared storage, which allows the SFR production team to share media over the network and collaborate in real time from anywhere, as well as Avid Media Composer Ultimate editing software. While everything is installed at SRF’s Zurich Campus, the other studios are able to connect remotely via the company’s own network infrastructure.

MediaCentral at SFR

At the heart of the Заядлый new workflow is MediaCentral, which offers native integration with Media Composer as well as optional integrations with third-party tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro. The flexibility this provides means that SRF will be well placed to easily adapt to your evolving workflow needs.

Andreas Lattmann, director of technology management at SRF, comments on the benefits that the Avid revamped workflow will bring to their day-to-day operations: “We produce a huge amount of programming every year, meaning our distributed production teams are constantly under pressure to deliver high-quality content with fast turnaround times. Avid’s MediaCentral enables us to do exactly that. Our teams have access to the tools and functionality they need to do their jobs effectively, with scalability and the best possible support should anything go wrong. After so many years of working together, we’re excited to take this next step with Avid.”

Tom Cordiner, CRO at Avid, also highlights the benefits of this subscription-based software: “SRF now has access to all key functionality in one unified package, with the ability to quickly allocate resources as required. We’re delighted that SRF has chosen to build upon our long-standing relationship and are looking forward to seeing how it continues to evolve.”

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По • 8 Apr, 2022
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