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Telecinco led yesterday Thursday 12 November with a share of 18.4% almost 6 points on Antena 3 (12.5%). Big brother It became the space seen from the commercial broadcasters, with 3.2 million viewers and a share of 23.4%.

Gran Hermano 11 (Foto: Diego López Calvin / Telecinco)

Telecinco yesterday beat all offers of competitors immediate, surpassing even TVE 1 on their strip of emission. Big brother it stood yesterday at the top of the ranking of the spaces offered by the commercial television with an average of 3.255.000 viewers and a 23.4% share of screen, 13.2 points more to the series Lie to me Antena 3 (10.2% and 1.982.000). In addition, tripled to Medium four (6.9% and 1.327.000), to the film Disappeared in combat 3 The sixth (7% and 1.219.000) and was the most viso on their strip of emission, surpassing even TVE 1 (18.8%).

Big brotherHe led the commercial target with a 27.1% share, was the preferred option for viewers from 4 to 64 years, all social classes and regional markets of Euskadi (25.7%), Galicia (25.6%), Andalusia (28%), Catalonia (22.8%), Canarias (31.1%) and Asturias (30%), giving the chain the best record in prime time among its competitors (18.6%). The most watched space was "Cuéntame Cómo pasó" TVE 1 (22.3% and 4.150.000).

Then, Big brother: live at the House It recorded a 33.2% share and 1.458.000 followers. Thanks to this result, Telecinco marked 29.3% share in late night, 17.7 points on Antena 3 (11.6%) and far away from other chains.

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By • Nov 13, 2009
• Section: Television