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Matrox - Xmio5 D25 y DSX LE5 LP D25 NIC

The X.mio5 D25 and DSX LE5 LP D25, the latest network interface controller cards for SMPTE ST 2110 from ماتروكس, are now available.

The new Matrox cards enable broadcast equipment manufacturers to design IP-based broadcast graphics systemsو channel-in-a-box platforms, and capture/playout video servers for HD to 4K workflows. They offer multi-channel video inputs and outputs over 25 GbE networks, are designed as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) ST 2100 NICs with video recognition, and are complemented by the Matrox DSX SDK.

ال X.mio5 D25 enables PC-based platforms to support two 4K/UHDp60, eight 1080p60 or sixteen HD I/O signals over 25 GbE, while providing video processing to offload CPU and GPU resources. Meanwhile, the low-profile DSX LE5 LP D25 card enables compact 1U, 2U and 3U COTS systems to support two 4K/UHDp60, eight 1080p60 or sixteen HD I/O over 25 GbE, without using the CPU.

Matrox DSX SDK

With a unified architecture that is common to all Matrox ST 2110 NIC, SDI I/O and H.264 codec cards, the DSX SDK supports functions such as file read/write, memory management, and features a wide range of file formats, codecs and effects. A prototyping tool is also available to quickly simulate and test use cases without writing code.

Francesco Scartozzi, vice president of sales and business development, Broadcast and Media Group, Matrox Video, appreciates this release, which is available now: “Matrox’s full-featured ST 2110 cards offer broadcast OEMs an accelerated route to complete, field-ready ST 2110 solutions with minimal engineering effort and resources. Our deep ST 2110 expertise allows our partners and customers to seamlessly deliver innovative ST 2110 broadcast systems equipped to take on an ever-expanding list of IP workflows and requirements.”

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