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Fujifilm 90 aniversario - 90 anniversary Propósito global - Global Purpose

“Giving our world more smiles” is the new global purpose with which Fujifilm seeks to underscore on its 90th anniversary its commitment to bringing together “diverse ideas, unique capabilities and extraordinary people” to “change the world.”

Since its founding, Fujifilm has been dedicated to offering products and services based on its advanced, patented technologies. Beyond continuing to promote sustainable growth with its employees as the driving force, the company seeks to celebrate its 90th anniversary and anticipate its centennial with the launch of a new global purpose that represents the “embodiment of a shared aspiration.”

Teiichi Goto, president, CEO and representative director of Fujifilm Holdings Corporations, provides further details of this vision: “Through our new Global Purpose and by combining the Fujifilm Group’s strengths in technology and the wisdom of our diverse and talented workforce, we will contribute to solving social issues through all of our businesses.” Fujifilm will also celebrate its 90th anniversary with the launch of a website that showcases the company’s history since 1934 and reflects the wide-ranging public discussions it has held about its role in society and how it can contribute to creating a better future.

The global purpose of Fujifilm

Fujifilm’s new global purpose “giving our world more smiles” is defined by the company itself as one of its “most unique and wide-ranging initiatives to date,” as it encompasses all divisions of the company. This initiative stems from the Fujifilm change in corporate philosophy in 2006, when the company began aligning its business expansion and the addition of various products globally. It is also in line with the Fujifilm global CSR plan, which emphasizes sustainable development as part of its Sustainable Value Plan (SVP) 2030. While the Fujifilm corporate motto will remain “Value from Innovation,” there has also been a key update to the corporate philosophy, which the company describes as “an embodiment of the aspirations that drive the group toward the realization of its purpose.”

The timing of the creation of the new Global Purpose Establishment is no coincidence, as the company aims to unify employees, customers and the community worldwide in the year of its 90th corporate anniversary, while setting the vision for its 100th anniversary.

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