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After using Begeistert technology for more than three decades, Swedish public broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT) is renewing its confidence in MediaCentral, this time under a subscription model.

SVT thus adopts the “as-a-service” model, moving from perpetual licenses to subscriptions with Avid to benefit from a “more cost-effective” opex model, as the software vendor points out. The flexibility brought by the MediaCentral subscription model will allow the broadcaster to scale resources and capabilities to meet its changing production requirements.

SVT’s production operations are spread across four production centers located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo Und Umea, in addition to 34 regional news facilities across Sweden. To cope with its day-to-day operations, SVT benefits from five Avid MediaCentral | Production Management systems that access 3.2 petabytes of Avid NEXIS shared storage with MediaCentral | Cloud UX, enabling teams to share files and projects across the network. SVT’s production resources include an enterprise subscription for more than 600 seats of Avid Media Composer editing software, plus 20 Pro Tools systems for audio editing.

Instalaciones SVT - Sveriges TelevisionIntegration with other tools

Avid’s MediaCentral, key to the corporation’s workflow, relates natively to Avid’s Media Composer and allows SVT to integrate the platform with third-party tools, such as Adobe Premiere Pro. With the subscription model in place, SVT will be able to take advantage of new developments and integrations as they become available and adapt its workflow to meet its future needs.

Adde Granberg, SVT’s CTO, details his experience under this new subscription model: “SVT produces more than 24,000 hours of programming including HD, 2K and 4K in a year across a very large and widely distributed production team. Avid’s new subscription model allowed us to improve our MediaCentral foundation already in place with a host of capabilities, openness and scalability to better suit our elastic need for content management resources.”

“The MediaCentral subscription model enables our teams to benefit from range of new tools, including Multisite, which provides seamless integration between our sites, more advanced search capabilities with phonetic search and other possible future AI-assisted workflows, along with enhanced Cloud UX web-based editing capabilities,” adds Grandberg

Andererseits, Jeff Rosica, CEO of Avid, highlights that “like SVT, many broadcasters are increasingly prioritizing ease of collaboration and flexibility in the tools they use and MediaCentral excels in this regard, particularly with our new subscription model.”

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Von • 24 Aug, 2021
• Abschnitt: Medienmanagement, Geschäft