Axle Ai - Axledit - 2022

Axledit, a “revolutionary” web browser-based video editor with integrated collaboration, search and publishing features, is the latest major release from Axle ai.

The product offers a fluid and “radically simple” browser interface along with a level of “power and control” previously only available to editing solutions running on “laptops and workstations”. The axledit collaboration features, one of its key highlights, allow not only in-browser review and approval by producers and clients, but also simultaneous editing sessions with a shared view of the current timeline status and playback.

Axle Ai - Axledit - 2022With axledit, available on subscription, users can also export their footage from axledit to software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Begeistert Media Composer Und Apple Final Cut Pro. Other key features of axledit include its professional-style timeline with multiple audio and video tracks; its high-speed, seamless uploading of large video files; effects and transitions; the ability to directly import stock video content; and access to the axle ai on-premise and cloud-based media management servers.

Direct publishing of edits to Youtube Und Vimeo is another outstanding feature of axledit, allowing creators to manage, edit and publish their content directly to these leading platforms without having to download large media files, edit them or upload finished media to the cloud.

Axle ai 2022

At the same time, axle ai announces the launch of axle ai 2022, the latest version of its AI-powered media management solution, capable of cataloguing and tagging “almost any media” in any combination of local and cloud storage.

Beyond its revamped user interface, axle ai 2022 offers new paid-for features such as integrated speech transcription; integrated, fixed-cost facial recognition; integrated, fixed-cost logo recognition; and integrated, fixed-cost object recognition.


Axledit is available immediately with a monthly licence, although the solution has a first level of free access. In addition, the solution is also available at an enterprise level with a number of key features including hybrid cloud/on-premise configurations and workflow automations.

Full private instances of the axledit back-end in the cloud are also available on request for customers such as content studios who wish to have a “walled garden” version specific to their network.

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