KRA - AJA Ki Pro Go

Two NUR Ki Pro GO digital recorders will support the primary and backup H.264 recording of the Busan branch of KRA (Korean Racing Authority).

KRA Busan records an average of 20 live races per day for eight days per month, with a duration of three to five minutes per video. To address these recording requirements, the company decided to integrate Ki Pro GO, as it needed a solution that would enable high-quality H.264 multichannel capture on an internal NAS.

KRA - AJA Ki Pro GoThe KRA team, benefiting from its web-based user interface, uses the AJA solution to record HD content from 10 cameras, managed through Sony switchers and a 128×128 router. The Ki Pro GOs capture races directly to NAS storage, allowing the team to instantly share recordings with multiple users for archiving and post-production purposes. Recorded footage is edited through non-linear editing systems and immediately distributed for on-demand viewing through web channels such as the KRA website, Youtube und Kakao TV.

Do Cheol Hee, manager of KRA’s broadcast division, lists the benefits of working with AJA’s solution: “Ki Pro GO has simplified our recording workflow and saved our team time and money throughout productions. We can immediately access recorded content via network drives, allowing us to speed through editorial and more rapidly deliver final content.”

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Durch • 28 Sep, 2021
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