Christie Spyder X80 - Worre Studios (Foto: Jerry Metellus)

The 360-degree curved LED screens in the new Worre Studios facilities, which total more than 65 million pixels, are driven by the Christie Spyder X80 multi-window processor.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Worre Studios founder and CEO Marina Worre needed a virtual space to host several events that were initially slated for the MGM Garden Arena. Unable to find an environment and setup suitable for hosting and interacting with tens of thousands of attendees, Worre decided to push for a new 2,300-plus-square-foot production studio. The space required broadcast-quality audio, video and display equipment capable of hosting live events with real-time interactivity between hosts and attendees.

Advanced LED Displays was responsible for the supply of LEDs, trusses and lighting for the space, featuring a large number of independent curved LED panels. These are managed with the Christie Spyder X80 multi-display window processor, which can control up to 80 million pixels with 24 inputs and 16 outputs, all with 4K and 60 Hz image processing. Specifically, two Spyder X80s were installed: one as the main equipment and one as a backup.

Today, Worre’s new space hosts numerous face-to-face, hybrid and virtual events, which can be streamed via platforms such as Twitter and YouTube. Marina Worre considers the space a success, but above all she is pleased with the performance of the Christie Spyder: “We have hosted seminars, done product launches using the Spyder that reached more than 10 million viewers, and we even recorded a music video.” On the other hand, Art Martinez, vice president of business development of Advanced LED, also highlights the Christie solution: “There’s nothing that has been built like this in the world. For us, it was always Christie Spyder. It’s the only product that I know will work flawlessly and continue to run day in and day out without problems.”

Christie Spyder X80 - Worre Studios (Foto: Jerry Metellus)

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Durch • 21 Oct, 2021
• Abschnitt: Lernen, Medienmanagement