While Panorama already boasted an English version generated by means of a powerful automatic translation engine since its launch in October 2009, from now on readers will be able to access an international edition produced by native English speakers.


Today, Panorama Audiovisual is inaugurating its international edition with which it intends to bring the sector’s current affairs to the whole community of professionals for whom English is the working language.

Although since its launch in October 2009, Panorama had included an English version generated by a powerful automatic translation engine, from now on it will be prepared by native English speakers.

In this way, Panorama can be followed in Spanish with editions for Spain and America, Brazilian (Brazil) and English in a new international version, as well as in any of the other eight languages offered by automatic translation (German, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, French, Japanese and Arabic).

This point of reference for broadcast media, cinema and new media professionals ended 2016 with 1,337,491 news articles read by 529,180 individual users (44,098 monthly users on average), according to the data audited by Google Analytics.

In 2016, Panorama’s readers came from all around the world, 209 countries to be precise. Apart from Spain, where the majority of its readership is located, Panorama has a significant number of readers in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile. Now, its international version will give greater access to users in such important English-speaking markets as the United Kingdom, the United States or Australia.

In the course of 2016, Panorama Audiovisual offered its readers a total of 1834 news articles accompanied by 3600 photos, diagrams and videos.

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By • 6 Mar, 2017
• Section: General