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The TelePorter application, which guides the user in image capture and communication with the production center, is now ready. This project, developed by Brainstorm, has been supported by Google DNI (Digital News Initiative).

The Spanish company’s app allows reporters to “teleport” to the TV set from any location where they are reporting. The cell phone on which the application is installed captures their video signal and sends it to the TV program’s studio via a standard Internet connection.

The project leverages Brainstorm‘s expertise in 3D graphics, virtual sets and augmented reality. It stems from the patented TrackFree technology and, more specifically, from InfinitySet’s TeleTransporter tool. Other advanced features it uses are virtual shadows, selective focus or optical tracking.

Brainstorm TelePorter InfinitySetImpressive news

As Brainstorm points out, TelePorter, by ‘transporting’ journalists and guests into an AR environment, allows the audience “to have access to much more engaging news”. Likewise, the system also allows additional content from standard presentation tools to be included.

In addition to journalism and broadcasting, the development of this project opens the door to the generation of applications for other sectors that require the telepresence of people located in different places to share a virtual or real environment together. In this way, TelePorter can be used in the organization of events such as conferences, congresses, virtual fairs, training events and distance marketing.

Francisco Ibáñez, R&D project manager at Brainstorm, says the company is pleased of being part of the Digital News Initiative and to have successfully completed the project: “we are excited to be part of Google’s Digital News Initiative, which will allow us to expand our advanced AR technology to new fields such as journalism, which will surely change the game in the news arena by providing additional tools for newsmakers. Additionally, TelePorter targets significant new business opportunities in several market segments in which Brainstorm does not have a strong presence so far.”

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By • 27 Apr, 2021
• Section: AR / VR / XR, Catchment, graphics, Television