Montenegrin broadcaster RTCG has acquired a series of ingest solutions and servers from MOG Technologies to optimize its recording and post-production processes.

RTCG Montenegro, used to dealing with multiple projects at once, needed a flexible solution to keep up with production demand. This system, in the form of a unified solution, would need to be able to record multiple channels simultaneously with proxy generation, delayed playback and card ingest. These assets would then have to be delivered directly to Avid’s Interplay and Nexis for post-production. Another key requirement was to have the ability to playback the media on the same system, as well as to be able to control all these operations from the same GUI, in collaboration with remote users.

After analyzing these requirements, and with the support of integrator Tera Adria, the RTCG team chose a selection of MOG products. Specifically, three mediaRec servers with loop recording, capable of performing two recording operations each, were installed, resulting in the acquisition of six HD-SDI input/output channels. Two mediaMove servers were also acquired, for ingesting media from XDCAM HD cards; and three mediaPlay servers were implemented in the system, to ensure time-lapse playback and quality control throughout the entire operation.

Compatibility with Avid systems

All these sources are delivered directly to the Avid Interplay check-in. In parallel, simultaneous hi-res and low-res formats are generated, giving Avid users immediate access to AV assets for both management (PAM) and editing (edit-while-ingest). In addition, media is also automatically stored in Avid Nexis.

RTCG’s production workflow was also reinforced with the MAM4PRO management system, deployed on an Xpress server, with additional automatic scheduling capabilities powered by mediaScheduler.

Nenad Cukalovic, CTO of Tera Adria Technology, is delighted with the MOG solution: “MOG give us some flexibility and options to use one solution for many purposes. We have here, loop recording, ENG card based ingest, delayed playback, ingest for production system well as for program play-out …. All this managed through same UI and within one system!”

RTCG MOG flujo de trabajo

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For • 17 May, 2021
• Section: Automation, Issue, Study, Integration, Postpro