NDI 5, the most advanced version of the video over IP protocol by Vizrt Group, is scheduled for June and will bring important new features

This version, whose SDK and tools will be available for download soon, promises to make it possible “for the first time in history” to connect “any device, in any location, anywhere in the world”. By doing so, comments Vizrt Group, “physical studios can be connected to those in the cloud and remote video production becomes local.”

Dr. Andrew Cross, president of research and development at Vizrt Group, notes that, with all the devices in the world “already connected,” NDI 5 will allow to “easily build shows and share video between them, for free.”

What’s new in NDI 5

Among the new tools NDI is getting is NDI Bridge. Aimed at redefining the concept of “remote workflows,” Bridge will provide a “secure bridge” between any NDI network, regardless of location. Another interesting development is NDI Remote, a tool that allows users, using a URL, to provide live audio and video via an Internet-connected device.

Other advantages of NDI 5 are:

  • NDI Audio Direct: A solution that optimizes the integration of NDI audio into software-based audio workflows, whether over a local network, in the cloud or hybrid, “freeing productions from the constraints of hardware audio mixers.”
  • Reliable UDP: RUDP transfer makes WAN and WiFi connections “more resilient” and requires less configuration.
  • Apple support: Full support for Apple systems, bringing NDI capability to all macOS, iOS, tvOS and iPadOS devices for the first time.
  • Enhanced compatibility with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro: The Adobe Premiere and After Effects plug-in now features an improved audio workflow. The updated plug-in enables output to Final Cut Pro with real-time audio and video frame buffer output.

Similarly, NDI 5 will offer additional benefits such as genlock support, even remotely, or network adapter selection.

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By • 3 Jun, 2021
• Section: IP