Ross Video Voyager - Realidad aumentada estadio

Ross Video’s Voyager augmented reality graphics tool Voyager is coming to the Tokyo Olympics to enhance the creative possibilities for NBC Olympics.

Specifically, Ross’ production services division, Rocket Surgery, will serve NBC with the Voyager tool, a “state-of-the-art” graphics rendering solution. A dedicated Ross Video team will integrate and design the graphics elements into the U.S. network’s production.

Voyager is based on Epic Games popular Unreal Engine. In fact, its 4.0 version was built on the latest version of Unreal V4.25 (which offers internal chroma keying within the engine for the first time) and features a number of valuable enhancements: support for multiple compositing layers, 3D models (meshes) and garbage mattes…

Recurring collaboration

Pete Ross, Ross Video’s sales director for the eastern U.S. region, said he was “excited” to be part of the Tokyo 2020 coverage: “Ross has enjoyed a long relationship with NBC Sports, and we’ve provided graphics solutions for some of the most widely viewed sport events on the planet. We’re extremely excited to be part of NBC Olympics’ coverage of the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo.”

Michael Sheehan, director of coordination for NBC Olympics, details how Ross Video’s augmented reality tools will help them, “Ross Video’s Voyager product will help the NBC Olympics studio operation bring a next-level immersive visual to our studio presentation, bringing augmented reality to our primetime coverage. Instrumented Jib & Steadicam will give our creative teams the flexibility to use this great new technology in ways to help tell the stories of these Olympic Games.”

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For • 9 Jun, 2021
• Section: graphics, Business