Sistema EVS Euro 2020

The Euro 2020 matches are being produced with a total of 130 XT-VIA live production servers and LSM-VIA playout systems from EVS.

EVS solutions are being used in each of the 11 stadiums hosting the competition and at the IBC (International Broadcast Center). EVS asset management solutions are enabling, among other functions, remote browsing of all feeds at the venues (with HD file transfer workflows expressed in hundreds of terabytes). By the end of Euro 2020, they will have managed the storage of 929 feeds at the IBC.

All this content is remotely accessible to all rights holders, in their preferred format, through the IBC Media Management system.


The XT-VIA productionmore than 16 channels of HD. server, created to address the “most demanding” live broadcast requirements, integrates formats and protocols ranging from HD to 8K, SDR to HDR and SDI to IP, in a “single versatile solution.” The system offers a boosted capacity of up to six channels of UHD and

The LSM-VIA, on the other hand, is EVS’ live replay and highlights system. Working in conjunction with the XT-VIA server and interacting with all other VIA products, the solution is able to provide “faster and more direct” access to all content on the network. Key features include multi-camera ingest and playback; slow motion and super slow motion playback control; image editing tools; IP connectivity; and direct access to network content.

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For • 16 Jun, 2021
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